This exfoliation technology creates a bright and illuminated complexion with turbo speed micro oxy-vitamin penetration.


                    Stimulates skin cells exfoliation

                  Reduces pore size

                  Skin detoxification 

                  Brightens skin 


           This extraordinary exfoliation innovation operates on an accelerated turbo speed of 200 m/sec, which is faster than a sound wave and also the key to extreme skin rejuvenation and illumination, helping to return youthful complexion, reduce pore size, rehydrate skin with micro minute scale of oxygen and water, as well as encourage the cell exfoliation process. The result is a natural, youthful and rejuvenated skin appearance after treatment. 

         Turbo Bright innovation combines the effectiveness of Microdermabrasion, anexfoliate technology using crystalbeads, and Mesotherapy penetration technique, to aid skin recovery and return your desired illuminated and toned complexion.    


          This astounding Turbo Bright technology combines the virtues oxygen with the resilient properties of water and culminates them into an elixir which is penetrated into the skin at a speed of 200 m/sec. Upon its first touch of the skin, micro particles of water infiltrate into pores and remove clogged dirt, as well as stimulate exfoliation of old inactive skin cells. As fast as the speed of a turbo jet, the penetration technology reduces temperature of facial skin by 5-8 degree Celsius and stimulates the thermoregulation system in the body, which results in activation of blood circulation and lymph nodes function. The gentle exfoliation process helps to reduce dark spots and reveal a plump, renewed and illuminated complexion.  

           - Stimulates exfoliation of old skin cells, results in renewed and youthful complexion

           - Gentle exfoliation which does not leave open wounds or bruises or cause irritation. Suitable for sensitive and allergic skin

           - Deep cleasing of pores, anti-clogged pores and helps eliminate bacteria. Reduces Comedones and inflammation

           - Stimulates collagen production for healthy, firm , reduces pore size, fade reduce wrinklesand smooth youthful skin

           - Skin Detoxification: stimulates lymph nodes function and deep cleanses the skin

           - Stimulates active blood circulation in the facial area for healthy and nutritious skin

           - Rehydrate skin cells for plump and moisturized skin

           - Injection-free vitamin for skin nourishment

           - Reinforces effectiveness of other laser and treatments 



*The effectiveness of treatment varies in individuals.




*The effectiveness of treatment varies in individuals.

The photo of treatment before and after.




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