Breast Augmentation / Breast Lift

What is Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is an operation to help increase the size of the breast and to correct breast conditions that might occur by birth or after giving birth to a child such as small breast or asymmetrical breasts. The breasts might become smaller as a result of sagging breasts as well.

Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

1. Patient should collect information, as well as consult with experienced surgeon about the surgery in order to achieve best result

2. Make an appointment with surgeon to do health check and determine breast condition, as well as obtain information about breast surgery and possile of outcomes

Pros of Breast Augmentation

1. Natural and sustainable outcome

2. Significant increase of breasts size

3. Patient can choose size and shape to meet their desire

4. Immediate and satisfying result

5. Look and feel similar to natural breasts

Breast Augmentation helps correct these following conditions:

Breast Augmentation 1

1. Individuals with smaller breasts who wish to increase the size of their breast

2. Individuals with asymmetrical breasts

3. Individuals with sagging breasts as a result of childbirth or aging

4. Individuals who have gone through breast operation or experienced breast deformation

Implant Materials

Sillicone Gel implants – is elastin gel in a bag made of silicone or resilient materials. The surface texture might be rough or smooth depending on the types of implant  

Breast Shapes After Silicone Implantation

      - Round Shape – a round shape silicone that gives lifted and firm appearance of the breasts 

      - Teardrop Shape – teardrop shape silicone that gives a more natural appearance to the breasts 

Shape of the silicone implant comes in 2 types;

1. Round Shape – artificial round breast that comes in a shape of Chinese bun. It has several styles:

      - Low Profile Breast Enhancement

      - Moderate Profile Breast Enhancement

      - High Profile Breast Enhancement

2. Teardrop Shape – this artificial breast comes in teardrop shape with a smaller upper part and larger lower part. This style of implant resembles the real breast with a mild flaccid appearance. It is suitable for women with smaller to flat breasts 

Treatment After Breast Augmentation

– Sleep with head elevated during the first week after the surgery to reduce swelling (avoid sleeping on the side)

– Patient is recommended to bind their breast at all times for two weeks to avoid silicone displacement and to achieve best results

– Patient is required to meet the surgeon after 1 week to remove the stitches, after which patient should meet the surgeon regularly for follow-ups 

– When the wound is fully healed, it is recommended to apply anti-keloid cream or silicone sheet onto the wound. Patient should use the cream regularly for two months or more

– Avoid lifting heavy items and driving for 2-4 weeks

– After the surgery, patient should ensure an intake of nutritious digestible foods such as vegetables and fruits. There are certain types of food that increase blood pressure which might result in bleeding or swelling. These foods such as fermented food, deep fried, egg yolk, animal fat, seafood, red meat, spicy food, should be avoid as well as alcohol, tobacco and certain types of medication. Patient should wait for 14 days or until the wound is completely healed

– Patient should take the prescribed medicine. In case there is allergic reaction such as, rashes, nausea-vomit, tight chest, stop taking the medicine and consult with doctor



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