An attractive chin should have appropriate length and curves into U or V shape. The curve should go with the facial shape both from the side and the front view. Prior to chin augmentation, surgeon will check overall jaw condition to determine areas needed to be corrected. For the benefit of patient, it is recommended to consult in detail with surgeon about the operation.

There are 2 methods of chin augmentation

1. Submental Incision (Outside the mouth): the incision is usually under the chin
2. Intraoral Incision (Inside the mouth): the incision is usually between the gum and lower lip 

Implant Materials: Tube Silicone

Procedure of Chin Augmentation
Face and neck are washed daily for 2-3 days (prior to the surgery). In the first step, surgeon will clean the face and apply anesthetic, then make incision at the targeted area and insert disinfected silicone on to the original chin bone. The incision about 1.5-3 cm long will be perfectly hidden between gum and lower lip. After the process, surgeon will suture and fix the silicone with bandage. The overall procedure will take about 45 minutes to 1 hour. In some cases, abrasion on cartilage is required prior to the surgery.

Treatment After Surgery

1. After the surgery, patient might experience pain and swelling. This will improve within 2-3 days

2. Patient might struggle to talk or smile after the surgery
3. There might be bruises around jaw and chin. Patient should apply ice pack on the area within the first 6 hours after surgery
4. Soft diet is recommended
5. Surgeon will make an appointment within 10 days after surgery to follow up and remove the stitches
6. Patient can continue their daily life


1. Possible side-effects of chin augmentation such as allergic reaction and infection
2. Patient should do the surgery with a reliable institution with experienced surgeon
3. Patient should ensure hygeine of the surgical location to prevent any problem that might occur

Chin Augmentation

1. Apply ice pack frequently during the first 1-2 days

2. Take care of the incision and avoid food that requires a lot of chewing
3. Drink with straw and avoid water that is too hot or too cold
4. Rinse your mouth frequently with saline solution or clean water
5. Do not disturb the sutured area and do not smile too widely

6. Thoroughly wash vegetables and fruits before eating and do not eat raw foods as they might contain bacteria
7. Refrain from alcohol and smoking for 3 weeks after the surgery 
8. Surgeon will do the follow up 1 week and 1 month after the surgery

9. During the first 3-4 weeks, avoid any pressure or knocks on the chin

10. The swelling will resolve after 1-2 month and the chin will begin to set. The silicone implant is attached firmly on to the bone and will not displace unless knocked severely 



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