Tanaporn Clinic provides a complete range of surgeries by experienced surgeons trained in Korea. We offer the most recent technology called SSE (surgical suture double eyelid), an eyelid surgery that uses suture process along the eyelid. Provided exclusively at Tanaporn Clinic, this new technique is considered more effective than the former three points suture method, as it adds a more visible layer of eyelid while the sutures are perfectly invisible. Considered highly safe, the surgery technique requires short recuperation period and leaves minimum bruises. Eyelid surgery, a method which permanently helps correct eyelid problem, is divided into 2 categories:

1. Eyelid surgery in single-eyelid or folded double-eyelid patient. This type of surgery is often done on younger patients. The surgery requires a shorter amount of time
2. Eyelid surgery in double-eyelid patient. This type of surgery is often done to correct drooping eyelid in older patients. Surgeon will inspect and determine the most appropriate surgery method for particular individuals

Procedure of Eyelid Surgery

1. Surgeon will measure the targeted area before the surgery
2. Anesthetic will be applied to the targeted area
3. For patients with drooping eyelid, surgeon will remove excess fat and skin from both eyes
4. Surgeon will suture the wound by trying to hide the incision
5. The surgery takes about 1 hour


1. Patient is recommended to clean facial area before the surgery
2. Patient should wear comfortable clothes and should not wear make up

3. Avoid eating food after midnight on the day prior the surgery

4. It is recommended to ensure sufficient sleep

Eyelid surgery, operation on upper eyes, under eyes,

– After the surgery, patient is not required to be admitted to the hospital, however, it is not recommended for patient to drive, as excessive tearing might occur within 1 hour after the surgery, especially in wind chill environment. The symptom will disappear after a few weeks
– The first 2 days after the surgery, patient should keep their head elevated while sleeping (with 2 pillows) to reduce swelling
– The first 3 days after the surgery, it is recommended to use ice pack on both eyes 3-4 times a day, after which warm gel should be used to reduce swelling
– Use cotton wound and saline solution to gently clean the wounds 2-3 times a day, or more in case there is blood
– Avoid strenuous activities for 1 week
– Avoid fermented food, seafood, spicy food until the wounds are healed

– Abstain from alcohol and smoking for 2 weeks after the surgery
– Take prescribed medicine. In case there is allergic symptom such as itches, rashes, nausea-vomit or tight chest, stop the medication and consult with doctor
– Visit the surgeon after 1 week and then after 1 month to follow up 









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