Lips Surgery

Ideal lips should appear healthy with natural pink shade. The corner of lips should be situated directly under the middle of the pupils. The lips should not be too thick or too thin, as they will make the face appear imbalanced. There are 4 types of lips surgery that are widely known: lip reduction, upper lip lift and lip augmentation . The details of each type are as follows:

1. Bull-Horn Lip Lift: Bull-horn lip lift can only be done on the upper lip. Patients with braces can also do the surgery, as surgeon will use chromic catgut in sututring the incision on the inner lips

2. Lip Thinning: This type of surgery is suitable for patients with thick lips. Surgeon will perform lip reduction to improve overall facial composition of patient. This surgery can be done on both upper and lower lip. We use chromic catgut in the suturing process

3. Lip Lift: This type of surgery helps correct drooping upper lip. Lip lift surgery helps to reduce distance between upper lip and the nose tip to improve overall appearance

4. Lip Augmentation: This type of surgery improves lip shape by increasing fullness of the lips. There are many methods of lip augmentation such as: 

Lip Augmentation using Filler: Filler injection is a widely use method for lips augmentation. As a non-invasive method, this woundless treatment can last 6 months to 1 year and can be repeated after the period

Lip Augmentation via Fat Transfer: In this method, fat which is extracted from other parts of body, such as under arm and belly, will be injected into the lips. The fat injected can dissolve naturally

Lip Augmentation using Gore-Tex or SoftForm: This material is porous and highly flexible

Lip Augmentation using Alloderm: Alloderm is a non-irritant natural extract


Lips Surgery Procedure

1. Surgeon will identify target area

2. Surgeon will inject anesthetic on the targeted area

3. Surgeon will do the operation and suture the wound with catgut from inner lip and outer lip respectively

4. Surgeon will remove the stitches 6 days after surgery

Treatment After Surgery

1. Two days after bull-horn lip lift, patient should apply ice pack on the surgical area to alleviate the swelling

2. Patient is recommended to sleep with head elevated during the first week after bull-horn lip lift

3. Patient should take a break for 4-5 days for a full recovery

4. Avoid strenuous activities during the first 2-3 weeks after surgery

5. To avoid infection, do not put on lipstick during the first week after surgery

6. During one month after bull-horn lip lift, patient is recommended to refrain from alcohol, smoking and spicy food  

7. Always clean the mouth after meals to reduce risk of infection

8. Drink clean water with straw to avoid water on the wound

9. Use chapstick to moisture the lips

10. Do not disturb the surtured area as it might remove the stiches or cause infection




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