General Information about Vaser

         Liposuction is a selective surgery to remove fat from particular areas of the body for slim and fit body. Liposuction aims to improve body shape and overall appearance for many healthy individuals who have a problem with dispropotionate fat deposit. This problem is more likely to be genetic rather than a health or overweight problem.

         Liposuction helps remove excess fat from specific parts of the body that do not respond to excercise or diet control. Liposuction does not aim to reduce weight and cannot replace diet control and exercise. Patient would still have to maintain these activities.

         Liposuction is suitable for healthy individuals who exercise regularly and control their diet but still have excess fat in particular parts of body.

         VASER (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance ) Vaser is the most recent fat dissolution technology. While it is as effective as the traditional suction technique, it leaves much less side-effects and requires shorter recuperation period. Vaser LipoSelection uniquely employs ultrasound technology to selectively eliminate fat in targeted area (LipoSelection) without damaging surrounding tissues such as nerves, blood veins and fiber tissues. Vaser also helps lift the skin without leaving ridges or holllow dents on the skin which is a problem commonly found in the traditional method. For this reason, Vaser is considered the most effective liposuction technology with the least side effects on the body. 

Body parts that is suitable for Vaser LipoSelection

          VASER is appropriate for many body parts, especially in some parts where the regular method cannot perform effectively. VASER can be done on almost all the body parts such as under chin, neck, under arms, scapula, chest, waist, hip, back, bottom, thigh, knee, calf and ankle

Vaser LipoSelection Procedure

1. After piercing small holes on the skin, surgeon will inject saline solution into the subcutaneous layer of the skin. This is to expand the targeted areas to support the fat dissolution process, as well as to make blood vessel contract to reduce bleeding

2. Vaser machine will release selective high frequency acoustic energy into the skin layer to dissolve adipose cells into fluid. This method does not effect other surrounding tissues such as blood vessel and nerve

3. Adipose cells dissolved will be removed from the body via special suction system of Vaser machine

4. During the recuperation, skin will slowly return to normal. The appearance of skin around area of suction will not change


1. Less pain

2. Small incision

3. Less bruises and blood

4. Less damage to the blood veins and nerves as the ultrasound selectively dissolves the adipose cells. The method is also considered safer

5. Short recuperation period. Patient is not required to be admitted to the hospital

6. Suitable for areas with fibrosis or areas that liposuction has been done on more than once

7. Results in a smoother skin compared to the results of traditional liposuction

8. More effective in dissolving fat compared to other methods

Caution and Risk of Liposuction

* The common side-effects of liposuction are bruises, swelling, mild bleeding, numbness, burnt or scratched skin. These will disappear within 2-6 weeks 

* There is a small chance of infection. It is thus recommended that patient do liposuction with experienced doctor and ensure that all the processes are hygenic and meet the standard, as these will significantly help reduce risks of complications.

* Taking post-surgery medicines, being taken cared of by experts, wearing bandage and meeting doctor regularly for follow-ups will help prevent risks and deliver the best outcome

* There are a few complications that might occur, most of which can be prevented. For any questions, patient is recommended to contact the doctor directly

Preparation before VASER

1. Meet the surgeon to do health check and to assess skin condition, fat storage, and volume of fat, as well as evaluate firmness of skin, cellulites and uneven skin condition (from the formation of fibrosis in the subcutaneous layer)

2. Patient should inform the surgeon about their medical history and any congenital disease such as high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma

3. Avoid anti-coagulant medicines and supplement such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Fish Oil, Vitamin E, Ginko, etc.

4. Clean body before surgery

5. Abstain from food and water for 6 hours

6. Not recommended during menstruation cycle of women

7. In patient with high blood pressure, blood pressure should not be higher than140/90 mmHg

8. In patient with congenital disease or with health problems, it is not recommended to remove large volumes of fat at once as it might effect blood circulation due to blood loss 

9. Patient needs 1-2 days for recovery

10. Stop smoking 1-2 weeks before the operation

Treatment After VASER

Treatment Procedure

1. After the surgery, surgeon will assist the patient in recovering process. Swelling might occur after the surgery and compression garment is recommended to be worn 24 hours for 2-4 weeks after the operation

2. After the swelling is healed, patient is recommended to wear compression garment for another 2-6 months during the day (can be taken off at night) as the swelling might occur on the surronded area

3. During the first 1-3 days, the injected solution will ooze out from the wound. Patient should change bandage at least once a day  

4. Patient might experience swelling, bruise, numbness and burn sensation after the surgery. These symptoms are temporary and will disappear after 1-6 months. The recovery duration depends on the area of suction and the volume of fat removed

5. In most cases, patient can return to work after 2-7 days

6. Patient can drive once they are able to move their arms and legs and after stop taking painkillers

7. Avoid strenuous activities for 2-4 weeks after the surgery 




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